Getting dental implants is probably the most extreme of all dental procedures

Getting dental implants is probably the most extreme of all dental procedures. This is because the patient will be getting an entire new tooth, starting all the way from the base of the tooth, in the jaw area. The start of the procedure is done with a small amount of surgical intervention. Dental implant aftercare at this stage is critical. Patients will feel no discomfort during the surgery itself which is so small it can be done with a local anaesthetic. The next few days are important. Your mouth will be bruised and there will be swelling. This will go down in the following few days and heal quickly. Pain meds will help with the discomfort at this stage. Dental implant aftercare will consist of the following.

Do not exert too much of pressure directly on the spot where the implant has been placed. Dental implant aftercare depends on the implant staying firmly in place to better adapt into the bone.Movement from the rest of the body such as from exercise will contribute to the implant being dislodged or stitches coming loose.


Stitches will fall out within a week or so. Until then, they need to be kept intact. Do not aggravate the swelling, by keeping your head propped up on a few pillows and not sleeping directly on the jaw.

Keeping the mouth clean is essential for bacteria not to fester and for infections to not catch on. You may resolve normal brushing within the next day or 2 but need to not go directly over the implant area. A special mouthwash will be given to patients requiring dental implant aftercare which will be sufficient to clean the area of the implant.

To aid with the healing of the gum and to not add pressure to the implant, prosthetics should not be worn for 10 days following the surgery. This is in regard to dentures.

Bleeding is normal and can be controlled by biting down on surgical gauze. If the bleeding is excessive or still continues after a few days, then you would need to go back to the dentist for a check-up.