The process of Zoom teeth whitening is a pretty simple matter

The process of Zoom teeth whitening is a pretty simple matter. It isn’t called the lunch time dental treatment for nothing. Completed in less than an hour, Zoom teeth whitening can be added to your regular dentist check-up. There is no need for researching and contemplating the risks and whether you would be able to afford it. Zoom teeth whitening is not permanent and the natural teeth colour will return in a few years. No an aesthetic is needed.

Zoom teeth whitening begins with a dentist taking a picture of your teeth. This serves no purpose other than to compare to the results at the end of the session. Next up would be to place all of the protective measures on the patient. Glasses will be placed over the eyes to protect from the laser light. A retractor device will be placed to keep the mouth open. Protective gel is then placed over the soft tissue of the mouth so that the Zoom teeth whitening light has no effect on it. The bleaching gel will then be applied over the teeth with the Zoom lamp then placed over the mouth. To cause as little destruction to the teeth, the Zoom teeth whitening light is placed for a maximum of 15 minutes. The dentist will come in periodically to check on the progress of the treatment. Whitening shades will be discussed prior to the treatment start so the dentist will have an idea of the shade to get the teeth into.


It is impossible to say how long a particular shade will be achieved at, since different sets of teeth react differently to the treatment. During the Zoom teeth whitening process, there is nothing for the patient to do but to relax, sleep and listen to music. Once the precise shade has been achieved, the dentist will stop the bleaching process immediately by turning off the light and placing a neutralizer over the gel on the teeth. Once the rest of the materials are cleaned out, the treatment is over. The dentist will then compare the picture taken before using Zoom teeth whitening with the final results. The number of shades lighter is then calculated and the patient gets to see the difference first hand.

The final step would be at home care of the new pearly whites. The next 2 days will be very important. This is the time in which the tooth will be prone to staining. It takes the full 2 days for the teeth’s natural barrier to grow back. During this time, it would be wise to not partake in any foods that will stain the teeth. These are your deep coloured veggies, black coffee and deep red wines. Once this period is over, normal activity can resume. This does also mean a regular schedule for oral cleaning at home and then dentist visits twice a year. TheZoom teeth whitening at home kit can be used to maintain the shade received from the laser for a little while longer.