Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in Montreal

The city of Montreal has considered marijuana use to be legal, if and only it’s being used for medical purposes. This means you need to have a prescription from a doctor to use cannabis. But, whenever you are in the city, carrying small amounts of cannabis is permitted. Just make it a point that you carry only what you need. If you are caught in possession of small amount of cannabis, the worst punishment that you would get is the confiscation of marijuana that you’re carrying.

The city has a number of dispensaries where you can get your hands on the stash you need. You can go to a place called Mont-Royal, and the local teenagers hanging there can help you in getting what you want. Don’t fret about the youngsters in Montreal because they’re friendly and will direct you to a place or someone who can help you with your situation. There is a place near the Universite du Quebec A Montreal called Ste-Catherine, which may also be helpful.

The various stores that sell around Montreal normally have cheaper cannabis for sale. Just a few train rides away is the Laval and St-eutashe, which are both great stores. If you are feeling lazy, and you want to have your cannabis delivered to your home or a specified place, then there are sellers who will gladly do that.


A number of Montreal cannabis dispensaries are poised to open in the city for recreational users of marijuana in spite of the laws that forbid such stores.

Anybody who is 19 years old and above can buy marijuana, without a doctor’s prescription or membership. Presently, the shops in Montreal have kept confidential.

Below is a list of the locations of the shops:

  • 1863 Amherst St.
  • 1412 Pie-IX Blvd.
  • 8870 St-Michel Blvd.
  • 7130 St-Laurent Blvd.
  • 2200 Mount Royal Ave. E.
  • 3804 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
  • 1431B Bishop St.
  • 4961 Queen Mary Rd.

There is already a planned federal legislation to allow the selling of cannabis this coming spring. But, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has advised the local police to continue enforcing the law and charge the sellers of illegal marijuana.

The Montreal police office had issued a statement that such dispensaries aren’t allowed under federal rules that govern medical marijuana and they will intervene if laws aren’t followed.

According to the city Mayor, it’s still important to enforce federal laws and advised that a new law for legalising marijuana is coming this spring.