Getting porcelain veneers in South Africa is cheaper than most other countries

Getting porcelain veneers in South Africa is cheaper than most other countries and you will not even have to compromise on quality because dentists here are on par with international levels. The process of getting porcelain veneers in South Africa is done over 2 visits. The first would be to go to the dentist to have them attached to your tooth and the second would be for the dentist to confirm that they have attached properly onto the tooth or to offer an adjustment to regulate this. These visits are usually done a few days apart, after the tooth has had some time to adjust to the new element. Even with the flights and the attachment of the veneer, getting porcelain veneers in South Africa is still considerably cheaper than other countries. Cosmetic dentists around the country do offer this treatment though if you are looking for some laid back time and to get in a bit of a holiday along with your porcelain veneers in South Africa then Durban would be a lovely city to consider. It is warm all through the year so a mini vacation can happen at any time at the beaches.


Unlike other dental treatments which have a bit of a functional value to them, porcelain veneers are solely for an aesthetic purpose. Although a normal dentist does provide the service, we do recommend one that has specialist cosmetic experience.

When you get your porcelain veneers in South Africa, they will last for a couple of decades so you would want the look of them to be as natural and perfect as possible. Getting your porcelain veneers in South Africa will not only change the look of normal teeth into something much more pleasing but can also alter the look of the tooth to fix a host of problems. Examples of these include chipped, crooked, stained or gaped teeth. The porcelain veneers in South Africa will be an instant fix to all of these problems. Therefore, even if you are on a normal holiday in the country, and have an accident that leaves you with an unsightly chipped tooth, porcelain veneers will allow for a dentist to fix this for you in an emergency. For a veneer to be fitted, a very small amount of the front of the tooth will have to be removed. This space will be filled out by the veneer so there will not be that feeling of having something stuck onto your tooth. The entire thing is done for the end comfort value as well. It does not only need to be a single tooth that needs to be fixed. While the porcelain can be made to match the rest of the teeth so that only the one can get done without sticking out, having the entire set done does increase the positive outlook of the tooth. As mentioned, porcelain veneers in South Africa allows for this to be done at an affordable cost. There really isn’t a better place to get your teeth into the best look they have ever been in.