The process for getting porcelain veneers South Africa is quite simple

The process for getting porcelain veneers South Africa is quite simple. The process has been streamlined here, to be able to be accomplished during a single visit. There really is not much do in way of preparing for the treatment, nor anything downtime or any special needs afterwards. You would require just a single consult, comprising of an hour. The first step will be getting injected with some numbing medicine. This takes a few minutes, during which time the dentist will start preparing the colour of the veneer. If it is a full set of veneers South Africa being placed, then the colouring can be the same of or whiter for a brighter all round look. For a single veneer, the colour will have to match the rest of the teeth, unless teeth whitening is something that is to be done in the future, in which case the veneer must match this.


The colour of the veneer will never change which is why most people opt to have their entire mouth done, and why veneers South Africa is the option they go with. The reason for this is the affordably low pricing of veneers in South Africa. The second step is to remove a very thin portion out of the front of the tooth or teeth. This will create the spacing for the veneer to be placed onto. This is the reason why the numbing is crucial, as the tooth will be drilled.

An impression will then be taken. This will be used for dimensions in creating veneers South Africa that will fit precisely over the tooth. The dentist will then design the shape of the veneers South Africa. The colour ready porcelain is then placed into the machine to be moulded into the design that the dentist has created. This takes a few minutes. During this juncture, the dentist will clean the teeth in preparation for the veneer. Once veneers South Africa are ready, they will be placed onto the teeth. A bonding agent is used along with a blue type light. The combination ensures a strong bond.

The dentist then ensures that the fit is right and the bite is comfortable. This is the end of the process. You get to walk away at this juncture, with a brand new smile. Veneers South Africa are the instant way of getting a new look for your teeth. With veneers South Africa, you can alter the colour of your teeth. Getting them in a whiter shade means that you would never have to undergo any whitening treatments ever again. The colour chosen for the veneer will remain the same. A crooked tooth or teeth can be corrected by adjusting the veneer to be placed for a straighter look. With the same premise, veneers South Africa can fit over a snaggle tooth or a chipped one to cover up a sharp edge or the chipped portion. Gapped teeth are also cured with veneers South Africa, without having to undergo years of orthodontic treatment.