10 Steps to Mindfulness

The practice of mindful meditation has often been called simply and yet it’s not necessarily easy to do, here are some basic tips from the Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada:


1)    Find a place to sit – whether you sit in a chair, a park bench or have a meditation cushion, just be sure to find a place that provides a stable, solid place to sit.

2)    Notice what your legs are doing – if you are on a cushion, cross your legs comfortably in front of you, if you’re familiar some sort of seated yoga position. Be sure that your feet touch the floor when seated on a chair.

3)    Sit up straight without stiffening your upper body – sit in a natural, comfortable position with your spine aligned.

4)    Your upper arms should be parallel to your upper body – in this position your hands will naturally drop down to the tops of your legs.

5)    Drop your chin a little – this allows your gaze to fall gently down, you can lower your eyelids slightly or close your eyes completely whatever feels right for you.

6)    Be still – simply relax and start to be aware of your breath or the sensations of your body.

7)    Feel your breath – notice as you breath in and out, simply draw your attention to the physical sensation  as you inhale and exhale.

8)    Your mind will begin to wander – allow your thoughts to wander, after a few seconds or minutes bring your focus back to your breath once again.

9)    Practice pausing before adjusting position – if you feel an itch or a need to adjust your seated position try pausing for a moment and do it when you choose and not reacting

right away.

10) Your mind may wander constantly – it’s normal for this to happen, merely observe without

any need to react. Just sit and pay attention as you come back to the breath once more

without judgement or expectation.

11) When you are ready shift your gaze – gently lift your gaze, open your eyes if you had them

closed as you notice any sounds around you. Note any thoughts or emotions pausing for

a moment as you decide how you’d like to continue your day.

Contact the KECC if you looking for a retreat centre in BC.