What is a Verruca on your foot?

Verruca is basically a rough skin or a hard patch found on the feet. Verruca found on the soles of feet. These are usually white with black dots. Warts can also appear on knuckles, fingers, knees and palms. Another name of Verrucas is planter wart. Verruca is normally caused by Human Papilloma Virus. Many people will suffer from wart at some part of their life. Normally they are harmless and go away on their own time but this can take month or even a year. If you found Verruca and warts uncomfortable and embarrassing then you can try different treatments at home in order to get rid of warts more quickly.


How Verrucas look like

Warts and Verrucas come in different sizes and shapes. They can affect any part of body but are normally occurs on hands and feet’s. Warts are normally of round and oval shaped. Some warts are also long and thin. Warts are usually raised and firm. They have a rough and an irregular surface similar to cauliflower. On the other hand the Verruca normally occurs on the sole of the feet. Verrucas are white in color and contain a small black circle in its center. Verrucas are normally not painful but if they appear on some weight bearing areas then they create a sharp pain.

Verruca removal and recovery

Many over the counter treatments such as paints, gels and creams are used for Verruca removal. Warts normally doesn’t cause any harm but people consider then painful, itchy and embarrassing. Verrucas are spread directly through skin. People also apply duct tape on the affected area. Sometimes it work and sometimes it don’t.

Causes of Verruca and warts

Warts and Verruca is caused by HPV virus. Verucca does not spread easily but it passed on from person to person through direct skin contact. Verrucas also spread through towels, socks and shoes.

Methods of controlling Verruca

Verruca on foot and warts are normally caused by Human Papilloma Virus. They can spread through different means such as contaminated surfaces and objects.

Some of few measures which help in Verruca removal are as follows:

  • Immediately wash your hands after touching a Verruca or a wart.
  • Do not share your towels, socks and shoes with anyone.
  • If you are suffering from Verruca, then change your socks daily.
  • While shaving, take care that you may not cut the wart by mistake.
  • Cover Verruca or wart with a plastic sheet or cover while swimming.

Normally a wart or Verruca appears after a week or a month when contact with virus. All the above mentioned techniques help in protecting a body from the occurrence of Verruca. No problem is big it is detected on its early stages. Normally the problem is that people visit their doctor when the disease affects them badly. This concept is wrong. One should visit their doctor once a month so that if any problem occur then it can be detected on its early stages before it get big and is difficult to handle.